Hi everyone! I’m Buddy!

I am a family owned dog and this is my story.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had problems with my skin and my fur. I was always brought to the veterinarian to be treated with my itchy skin and falling hair! It was so frustrating.

I can imagine what my hoomans were going through trying to find a solution to this problem.

It was very inconvenient to everyone. There were some nights where my hooman would stay by my side and try to relieve the itchiness by applying warm compress so I would stop scratching.

My hooman tried changing my diet but that didn’t work. They switched me to homemade food (sooo good!!! I’ll save this for another story) but that didn’t work.

Supplements also didn’t work.

Until we found the culprit… it was my dog wash!

I have tried a lot of dog wash!!! I don’t even remember how many we’ve tried.. It’s that many!

My hooman finally decided to take this to the next level and have my own dog wash developed by professionals.

It is now called Wag-Tail All-In-One Dog Wash.

Oh my goodness… what a relief!!!!

At first use, we saw instant results! My itching was minimized…

And my hair… oh my hair is soooo soft and smooth.

And the best part is I didn’t smell like a wet dog.

So…. my hooman thought of anyone who might be having the same issues and looking for a solution or just in search of the greatest dog wash ever…

The mission is to share what I’ve tried and tested… and a lot of my friends have tried this too. I can say that this dog wash is just the best out there.

This is actually the story behind Wag-Tail.