5 Things You Can Do When You're Bored

Raise your feet if you get bored all the time.


I see a lot of feet in the air, including mine!

Why do we get bored so easily? I don't know why. Maybe it's in our nature?

But for whatever reason, there's a lot of ways to beat boredom.

I'll give you 5 great ways to relieve your boredom.



The most effective and easiest way to relieve my boredom is exercise, particularly, running! It stimulates my mind compared to simple walking because I release more energy. 

Play Dates

I’m pretty sure you have friends in your neighborhood. I love playing with other dogs and people too. My hoomans make sure that I get to socialize every so often!

Food Puzzles

Have you heard about food puzzles? You can make your own puzzles at home! Just let your hoomans hide your treats and you go and find them! I really like food puzzles. It definitely helps me get rid of my boredom. 

Work Work Work

This means you need to be always doing something whether it be running, walking, or food puzzles. There must be something that you should be doing to keep yourself busy. You can play with dog toys and this will keep you busy.

Enroll in Classes

If you hoomans have the means to enroll you in classes… that would be great! Obedience training, scent training or agility training are just a few of the many kinds of training you can enroll in.

Let me know what else you guys are doing to keep yourself busy!

Until then… let’s keep wagging our tails!

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