8 Great Ways to Maintain a Good Coat

Good day, my Wag-Tail buddies!

I'm glad you are visiting this great blog post I made for you. 

I am happy to share 8 great tips on how to maintain a good coat just like mine! Soft, shiny, moisturized and feels really good!

  • Take a bath once or twice a month

Yes, you heard it right! Taking a bath regularly, like daily, will destroy the natural oils on your skin.

  • Brush your hair everyday (if possible)

Get your hair brushed everyday if possible to help you with keeping your hair well groomed especially if you have thick or long hair. 

  • Eat nutritious and high quality food

Food is especially important when it comes to maintaining a good coat. Make sure you check the ingredients of your dog food or better yet, try our home cooked food I shared in my previous blog!

  • Your treats must be healthy as well

Instead of buying those dog treats, why not try carrots or broccoli as your treat! Not only is it a healthy choice but it will also be good for your teeth.

  • Make sure you are free of parasites

Always keep your home clean and free of parasites. These can be found everywhere. Keeping your place clean and regular checking of your coat will prevent these parasites infestation. Taking supplements may help too. 

  • Add some virgin coconut oil on your food

My hoomans add 1 tsp of virgin coconut oil on my food daily and it really gives my coat a good shine! It also keeps my coat from getting dry.

  • Occasionally have an oatmeal bath

Just add oatmeal to your shampoo then you’ll have an oatmeal bath! Did you know that adding oatmeal to your bath helps you calm down? It also maintains your coat’s glow and nourishes your skin!

  • Use Wag-Tail All-In-One Dog Wash

Wag-Tail All-In-One Dog Wash was the solution for my skin problems. Aside from helping the itchiness go away, it keeps my coat shiny, soft and really healthy!

I hope you all picked up some great tips today! 

I’ll see you in my next blog post! Keep wagging your tail!

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